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Simcoe Day

Monday August 4
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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MilesNadalJCC Sure is a spicy one! Beat the heat with a run inside, we've got an air conditioned track to keep you cool while you rack up some kilometres!
MilesNadalJCC Feel like a nap? It might not be a bad idea... http://t.co/zqNY3HfPF0
MilesNadalJCC Know someone who needs daycare for the fall? We've got a few spots in out excellent childcare centre http://t.co/VEyLcDHm6w
MilesNadalJCC The Treasure Run begins today! Get ready to log your cardio minutes to help your team win! Find out more at the Fitness Desk.
MilesNadalJCC RT @NKBailly: Steam & sauna, Toronto style (@ Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre - @MilesNadalJCC) http://t.co/fuK4bDxd46